Where to get Science news

July 25, 2020 By Julian W Off

Always dreamed of being a scientist, are an engineer, technologist or researcher? Get your dose of credible and interesting news on science from the following sites.

1. Wapp Times

Yes, get the scoop on interesting science on this website. Wapp Times scours the internet for exciting discoveries, crunches the information down into bite size nuggets of wisdom that pique curiosities and are easy to read.

2. Public Library of Open Science (PLOS)

PLOS is an open source research publishing website. Researches can publish their research on the website and reach out to a global audience. Readers have free access to all journal publications and since it is open source, all works can be quoted, modified and even used for commercial means without any worry of copyright infringement. All works are licensed under the creative commons license scheme.

PLOS is a great website for the scientific community. It’s open source nature helps to spur research that is more credible and in depth. The website contains at least 250 000 published journal articles.

You can follow them on Twitter and receive notifications on new research papers.

3. Popular Science

Popsci is an easy to read website that churns out content that is easily relatable to everyday readers.  The site covers news on science, DIY guides and interactive videos.

4. Discovery

Discovery, a well established media firm that generates cutting edge science content and which pushes the frontier of science. They have news articles, videos and a television channel.

5. Scienceopen.com 

Scienceopen.com is an open source research publication. All works are licensed under the creative commons license scheme. The publication contains millions of research articles.

6. Sciencedaily.com

Sciencedaily.com publishes scientific research from researchers and universities. They comment on a number of topics such as health and social relations. They also have a column dedicated to bizarre scientific discoveries.

7. Nautilus

Nautilus is a science publishing website that focuses on various topics and provides analysis of the topic from different angles.

8. thescienceforum.com

Thescienceforum.com is a forum page that facilitates discussion on various topics and which connects researchers with an audience. Following the forum allows you to keep abreast with the latest research that researchers have been tinkering with.

9. Nature

Nature is a science publishing website that covers a wide range of topics relating to the natural sciences. It also provides some information on an open access basis.