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Best social media apps for pets

July 28, 2020 By Julian W Off

We round up some of the best social media apps for pets. Now your furry friend can have its own furry profile.

appfoom social media apps for pets


Patchpets is an app that gives you or your dog a social media page for interacting with other dog lovers or dogs. Create a profile page for your dogs and start socialising with other dogs! The app also allows you to find pet shops and parks nearby.

Follow my pets

Follow my pets is a social media app for pet lovers. Create a profile page for your pets, upload pictures and videos onto the app. Follow and comment on other pets.


Create a profile page for your dog. Add other dogs or dog owners. Chat, check out photos and videos of of other dogs. Interact with pet trainers and vets on chat or video call. Includes a blog that provides information on taking care of your pet.


A social interaction app for your pets. Create profile pages, post, comment and like other user profiles. Connect with experts and vets on pet grooming, health, diet and much more. Help others look for lost pets or find a suitable owner for pet adoption.


Petzbe is a free social media app that allows you to post photos and comments of your pets. Join weekly challenges. Petzbe also promises to make a $1 donation to animal causes for every themed photo posted.


A social media app that allows you to book a taxi for your pet, whether to the vet, to grooming or the pet hotel. Choose your location and pick your driver.


Petstand is an app that allows you to create a profile page for your pet. Create reminders and find vets near your location. It also allows you to buy pet food from its app.