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Best 10 coding sites for programmers

July 29, 2020 By Julian W Off

The world of coding is vast and sometimes overwhelming, to stay ahead of the curve, we’ve rounded up 10 best coding sites for programmers.

appfoom best 10 coding sites for programmers

1. Gitlab

Gitlab is an open core company that connects thousands in the coding community. You would be able to find resources on common programming languages like HTML, CSS, Ruby and Python. It is an open source community, you can upload your coding projects, form groups with other coders and find code snippets that you may need for your programming project.

2. Codecademy

Codecademy is a great website to embark on your coding career. If you are completely new to coding, this website provides tons of tutorials. Its interactive interface let’s you try coding for real and returns a result. You can use it for free to access basic courses. A paid plan gives you access to premium content.

3. Glitch

Glitch an easy to use interface for web app development. You can collaborate with friends and colleagues to come up with an app. It is catered for beginners and professionals alike. Come up with your very own web app and tinker with it live on this website.

4. Khan Academy

Khan academy provides free resources and videos on the basics of programming. It introduces languages like HTML, CSS and Java script.

5. Coursera

Coursera is a great place for beginners to learn coding. It provides tons of free resources on various programming languages like HTML, CSS, Pyhton and algorithms. Be taught by academics and professionals.

6. Css tricks

A free repository of CSS snippets which you can find for your website or app. Most WordPress sites run on CSS, so having a few snippets of code would be helpful in designing your web page. Learn from pros or contribute to the community.

7. MIT Open courseware

This website provides free resources on computing and programming. There are lecture notes and assignments you can download. Get an education from one of the best institutions in the world.

8. W3schools
W3schools provides free resources on common programming languages like HTML, CSS, SQL, Java and Python. It provides free tutorials and snippets of code that you can copy and test on your project.

9. Learn to code with me

This website provides tons of information on programming and how to start your own tech business. It also has links to many programming tools like team treehouse and


This a great website where you can sign up and create code snippets for yourself or collaborate with team mates and store your code on a cloud. It also has a public snippet category, where you can upload snippets of code or download snippets posted by others.

11. Google Codelabs

Free resources on building your own app. Interactive coding examples.

These are the 11 best coding sites for programmers. Get to coding now!