Best 10 sites for health care statistics

July 31, 2020 By Julian W Off

A list of best 10 sites to obtain health care statistics. For data analysts and medical professionals who might want to collate data for medical research. 


A website run by the World Health Organization in the ongoing effort to tackle the influenza epidemic. Country specific data, published reports and info graphics.

Kaggle Healthcare

Collection of data sets on various health care topics. Data sets come along with licenses that tell you how you can use the data sets for your work.

Provides thousands of data sets on healthcare topics. Data set comes with licenses indicating how you may use the data for your work. On page sign up is required to access the information and collaborate with other members of the community.

EU Open Data Portal

Provides health care statistics on the EU, which you can access freely and use for your own work.

Our World in Data

A huge repository of data sets. Find numerous healthcare topics on their site. Q&A style publication. Summarizes information according to questions and attaches data to each.

OECD Library

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) provides a library of data sets on health care around the world. OECD holds copyright to the information on its site. Paid access grants you access to data sets.


A website that provides information on various health care topics and country specific analysis. Free version gives you limited access to the data. All information owned by Statista and are subject to copyright.


Provides year to year data on many variables and health care indicators. Data sets are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0).


Provides data sets on various healthcare topics. Downloadable data sets. The DHS program has strict guidelines on the use of its data sets.

A visual map that provides information on the types of diseases around the world. Access to view projects by Healthmap. Also has a blog that provides information on diseases.

Data sets specific to Singapore.