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Bluehost is one of the most popular and affordable hosting site that you can get for your website.

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Why do you need a host?

Your website doesn’t just exist in the clouds, the pages that make up your website are stored on servers and companies like Bluehost rent out their server space to customers like you and me!

If you are a first time blogger and trying to make your very first presence on the web, Bluehost is a cheap and easy to use hosting service. Bluehost integrates very well with content management systems like WordPress (which powers a significant portion of the internet).

If you are a blogger and would like your content to be shared with the world, Bluehost and WordPress are the best tools that you can have for optimizing blog content.

appfoom bluehost affordable hosting site


Bluehost allows you to purchase and manage your domain names(URLs). Come up with a fancy domain name or use tools like . Free domain name for 1 year.


All plans come with SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt. This is essential in giving your readers assurance if they happen to be transacting payments on your website.


Basic plans give you about 50GB of storage while premium plans give you unlimited storage. Average websites have the size of 2.0-3.0MB. 50GB of storage would more than suffice.


Unlimited bandwidth. Most small websites do not use very much bandwidth.

Shared hosting

Most bloggers and personal ecommerce stores use shared hosting. What this means is that your web hosting services is shared between your website and with many dozens more other websites. This would suffice for a simple blog or store.


If you are intending to grow your website from a few thousand readers to say a million users like facebook,Bluehost offers you the opportunity to purchase a Virtual Private Server plan or dedicated hosting.


Bluehost has very affordable hosting site plans.

Plans begin from $2.95/month ~ $13.95/month. 

VPS hosting starts from $18.99/month ~ $59.99/month.

Dedicated hosting starts from $79.99/month ~ $119.99/month.

Email suite begins from $2.99/month ~ $9.99/month


Single dashboard that allows you to manage applications like email, WordPress or Weebly integrations.


A handful of tutorials and FAQs. Provides support via chat or phone call. Other services include digital marketing and WordPress website design.

appfoom bluehost affordable hosting site