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Canva is a web application that allows you to create images, videos and media content for all your designing needs.

create graphics such as this

The interesting thing about Canva is that it tries to sync with the other social media apps like youtube, pinterest and facebook so you can create media content that fits your facebook or pinterests posts and covers.

Try out their free version and get a feel of the application. There are tons of free samples and templates.

You can even collaborate with your friends via their create a team function where you can send a link to your friends.

All media can be stored on the cloud.

Canva also provides tutorials and courses on how to go about with graphic designing and coming up with beautiful presentations.


fun icons, easy to use and interactive interface, content is well spaced out and neatly categorized, helps with the creativity flow.

Paid version for Canva Pro or Canva Enterprise:

Starting from $13.98/month.

Pro version gives you access to premium templates and allows you to upload your own fonts. Share your work with team members.

Enterprise version allows you to manage your project with large teams. It comes with a special locking tool that allows you to protect your design from accidental edits. Store and share all your designs on the cloud. 24/7 Canva support.

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