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Edraw is a cross platform mind mapping tool that allows users to create mind maps, diagrams, infographics and more. Put your ideas into a nice visual.

Edraw Helps More than 25,000,000+ Users to work Efficiently and Easily (click link to buy)

Large amount of templates that you can choose from.

Easy to use interface that makes it intuitive to create engaging diagrams, mind maps and infographics. From gannt charts to floorplans and efficiency processes.

Edraw also has its own repository of scientifc formulas and visualizations that makes teaching and learning science so much more interactive!

Capture your audience’s attention with Edraw. Whether in the office, in the classroom or on the web, light up your world!

Easily transfer your files between file formats such as visio, pdf, word ,html and docs.

Collaborate with team members as files can be stored on the cloud.

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