Famisafe Parent Control App

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Famisafe – the awesome parent control app that you need to control your children’s screen time, track real time location and filter undesirable content on the web.

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Famisafe monitoring

Famisafe parent control app track user time schedule

It allows you to monitor your child’s digital activity, the websites they visit and the apps they use. You are able to track via a report  on your child’s daily time spent on a website or app.

Block apps or set time limits on the use of apps.

Parents can also block undesirable websites such as pornography or gambling sites. Website content can also be filtered to remove undesirable content. Famisafe also has a dedicated youtube filtering function, allowing you to review and restrict the videos that your child views.

Check your child’s messaging content on various messaging platforms such as SMS, whatsapp, facebook,  and more. Be alerted to potential bullying, harassment, monetary scams or identity theft.

Track your child’s histroy even when they delete or view them in incognito mode.

Famisafe location tracking

Famisafe parent control app track real time location

Famisafe allows you to track your child’s and family’s whereabouts. Receive real time information and view their travelling histories. Ensure your child should be where they need to be and safeguard them from any potential threats.

You can also create geofences and ensure your child does not wander off to dangerous or undesirable places. Get alerts on your child’s location.

Famisafe features

You can use famisafe parent control app on 5 devices or more depending on the plan that you purchase.

The app uses authentic RSA encryption, ensuring that your private data remains safe.

It is powered by machine learning models, it gets smarter and smarter the more it is used. Be reassured that the content you want filtered is filtered.

Availiable on both Android and iOS platforms.

Starts from only $4.99/month.

Join more than 1 million users of this app.


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