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Are you an avid music listener and always searching for the right earphone, the right speakers to get your daily dose of music? FXSound sound booster is a great audio tool that boosts sound quality and also allows you to customize sounds.

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Audio Enthusiaists

To make file sizes easier to read, audio files are often compressed. Compression of the audio files leads to a degradation in the quality of the music.  FXSound will take care of this for you. It promises to restore your music to a 32-bit floating point processing and reduce audio latency (the time delay between what is played and what is heard). Professionals in the music industry know that these are the pain points in audio recording.

The FXSound aims to enhance music volume by raising amplitudes and broadening the spectrum frequency of your audio.

The equalizer function allows you to customize the sounds. You can adjsut the parameters according to your likes and dislikes and can also use the various templates that FXSound has pre-programmed. Customize an equalizer setting that works best with your headphones or speaker.

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Movie Buffs

FXSound sound booster will enhance your movie watching experience. When viewing videos or movies, audio may not be consistent, audio quality is either too loud, too quiet or laggy. FXSound will account for this and equalize the audio to a desirable level. Enjoy your movie time with crisp and clear audio.

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Need to get a written form of a conversation or speech? FXSound is the tool that will streamline your transcribing process. It will enhance conversation sounds and reduce background noise.

There are many capabilities of FXSound that can significantly improve daily tasks such as video calls, creating videos and audios.

Priced at only $29.99 USD, it is definitely a bargain for a product that has tons of features and which adds so much value to your life.


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