inPixio Eclipse HDR

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Just bought a new HDR screen? Think HDR photos are only for pros? Create HDR images with inPixio Eclipse HDR editor and wow yourself, friends and family.

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inPixio Eclipse HDR (click to buy)

HDR Editing

HDR editing has never been simpler with the inPixio Eclipse HDR. Upload a photo and edit it with a swipe of the slider. Create stunning experiences.

Get all of these features from just a single photo. Different photos have different exposure values and the dynammic range captured by 1 single photo is not enough to create a detailed image. Producing a HDR photo usally requires 3-5 images and combining them together.

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HDR Templates

Eclipse HDR comes with a suite of templates you can use to edit your photos. With just one click, you can select the templates that you want and see your photograph transform. Play around with the templates and strike a balance between creativity and realism. Whichever way you like, create your art piece.

Enhance the quality of your images and correct them for any defects.

Fast HDR generator

Eclipse HDR is one of the fastest HDR generators in the market. It will produce a HDR photo in just about 5 seconds. Great if you have a huge amount of photographs and want to edit them quickly.


The inPixio Eclipse HDR photo editor is a nimble and versatile tool that works with different types of photography. It works with indoor photos, outdoor photos, panoramas, photos of buildings, portraits, product placements and more.

Pro version

The pro version comes with additional features.

HDR Tone mapping function tries to correctly map tone colours to their natural tones. Ensure your images remain as natural as ever.

RAW files. Eclipse HDR pro will allow you to process your photos in the RAW format, meaning that all details in the photograph come directly from the image sensor of your camera and are not compressed. This allows you to produce higher quality images.

Powerful HDR denoise function. This tool allows you to denoise your images and ensure that you do not lose any data or details on the image and does not overcompensate for smoothness. Works better than most regular HDR denoise functions.


Price begins from USD$39.99. Pro version costs USD$59.99. Very affordable.


Easy to use, one click functions.


Get free access to tutorial guides on how to use Eclipse HDR and photography techniques.

inPixio Eclipse HDR

inPixio Eclipse HDR Pro

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