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inPixio Photo Focus is a photo editor for all budding photographers, media content producers and hobbyists.

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inPixio Photo Focus (click to buy)

Sharpen blur images

Blur images occur due to camera shake. With inPixio Photo Focus, it provides you with the neccesary tools to help sharpen your image and make them high resolution.

Focus your depth of field, ensuring your images remain sharp. Clearly differentiate between the photo’s subject and its background and bring out the subject of your photo to your audience.

Increase image sharpness

Create sharper images with inPixio sharpening tools. Bring out the colours and present your photos in high definition. Easy to use 1 click function or select templates.

inpixio photo editor increase sharpness blur

Blurring tool

inPixio photo focus allows you to blur parts of the photograph like the background so you can bring into focus the subject of your photo. Create rich and powerful photos and captivate your audience.

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Custom effects

Add custom effects to your photographs, enhance the contrast of photos and with tools such as shadowing, tint, hue and saturation. Wow your audience.


Create your own editing settings and apply them to your photo albums or individual photos. inPixio Photo Focus comes with a variety of pre made templates that you can use to edit your photos.


Photo Focus also comes with its own pre made filters which you can use to create stunning effects on your photographs and convey the photo’s context to your audience.

Advanced cropping tools

Photo Focus comes with its own suite of cropping tools that allows you to to rotate and adjust the photo’s horizon. Correct for sizing and photo angle.

Soft focusing

You can use the soft focusing tool to blur out the subject surroundings and create a sharp focus onto the photo’s subject and create a miniaturizing effect.


Prices begin from SGD$54.99 professional version SGD$68.74.


One click functions makes it easy to use.

Get the inPixio Photo Focus editor now!

inPixio Photo Focus

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