Leave Dates

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Leave Dates is an app that helps you to organize and automate your company’s leave applications.

User Interface

Available as a web app, mobile and tablet app.


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Simple and easy to use, with colourful charts and pop-up windows.

Ease of application and approval

Users can apply for leave from a calendar page, state remarks, attach files and submit their leave applications to management.

Management can receive notifications for leave approval and approve, deny or edit leave applications all in one dashboard.


Source – Leave Dates

Check for conflicting leave applications.

Check for conflicts before approving requests

Source – Leave Dates

Custom configuration of Leave Dates allows you to tailor Leave Dates to your needs and requirements.

Chat function for approval

Managers can use the chat function to clarify leave applications from users. Instant messaging, no long email chains.

Calendar page

Has a calendar page accessible by all employees. Users can view their own leave dates and that of their team or department. Facilitates smooth collaboration in the office.


Source – Leave Dates

Wall Chart

Management and users can view a graphic visualization of their leave applications.

Wall Chart

Source – Leave Dates


Management can generate reports on the company’s annual leave information, all neatly displayed in a dashboard.

Want to further analyse your data, download and export information in an excel file.

Third Party Apps

Leave Dates is created to integrate with other apps such as Google Calendar or configure with Zapier to integrate with third party apps, even integrate with Leave Dates APIs.

Leave Dates