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LiveChat allows you to chat live with your customers, helping to increase your conversion rate.


LiveChat (click to buy)

Chat tools

Message your customers in real time, help them find solutions quickly and convert their sale.

Keep track of your chats with tags, categorize them as sales related, product defect or warranty inquiry. Review your chat tags and get a bigger picture of your customer’s needs .

livechat dashboard chat live customer

livechat customize dashboard live customers chat

Add interactive content to your chats. Send a button or a product listing with a buy button, use apps in the chat to allow customers to book a meeting or pay for products.

Share files with your customers. And vice versa too!

Receive notifications for every chat and transfer chats from one person to the next, allowing you to collaborate with your team members.

Allow customers to rate their chat experience and post mini surveys to your customers. Gain insightful feedback on your customer service.


The app works with many other 3rd party apps such as facebook, zapier, mailchimp, wordpress and more. Create integrations to solve issues like payment and gathering user data.

LiveChat API

With API, you can customize your own widget on your site.

Streamline data gathering processes.

Create your own API integrations according to your operational needs, such as data collection or payments.

Data reports and analytics

Get a nice dashboard to publish your results to your team.

Detailed data reports for you to check metrics such as customer total, number of chats, revenues, sales conversion and more.

livechat data analytics report customers live chat


LiveChat comes with a suite of security features that make sure you focus on your business while they take care of sensitive information.

All chats between your team members and customers are encrypted. You can also choose to mask credit card numbers in the chat.

Your team can sign on to LiveChat using google sign ons and use 2 factor authentication.

LIveChat’s security measures are aligned with GDPR requirenents.

Filter out spam chats.


Prices start from $16/month for small users. Business plans begin from $50/month.


Interactive app platform with dashboard available. Easy to use and read.


A very comprehensive app with tons of functions and integrations. Access to tutorials and videos.

Get LiveChat on your site and start chatting with clients!


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