Namecheap VPN

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A VPN is a virtual private network, allowing you  to enjoy the safety of a fast and secure private network on an open public network.

When you access the web on your mobile data plan or through your home wifi, those are private networks.

But if you want to enjoy the hipness of digital nomading at a cafe, then you have to access the web via a public network. Accessing a public network without a vpn exposes you to a whole host of problems like hacking, data theft, eavesdropping, spam and spying.

A vpn creates a secure tunnel where your identity is hidden and masked.

Namecheap VPN is a VPN provider that you can use to secure your connections on multiple devices.

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Namecheap VPN: up to 68% off!

Best secure VPN service


Namecheap VPN will provide a secure and private connection over public networks, preventing criminals from stealing your data and sensitive information. The VPN will also encrypt your data.


You will be given a virtual ip address that is hidden and you can access the web anonymously. IPS providers can no longer harvest data from you and sell them to advertisers.

Automated connection

If a risk is identified, Namechange can automatically switch on the VPN connection, keeping you safe and secure.

History logs

Namecheap promises to not keep any records of your browing history.

Muti-device installs and unlimited bandwidth. 

You can install Namecheap VPN on all your devices. Stay safe and secure anywhere! Free yourself from data restrictions with unlimited bandwidth.


Plans begin from $1.88/month. One of the cheapest VPN’s you can find in the market.


Available on windows, macOS, iOS, android and web



Interactive, easy to use, one-click functions.

Namecheap VPN: up to 68% off!

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