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Pixlr is a popular online photo editor. You can create tons of stunning graphics on this cloud based platform.

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Digital marketing professionals will find this very useful to create graphics and mockups for products and services.

Impress your friends on social media when you edit your social media posts with Pixlr. Create anything for Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

For photographers, Pixlr is an online tool that you can use to edit your photos and captivate your audience. Videographers can create still pictures for videos.

Bloggers can use Pixlr to create beautiful featured images for their blog posts.

Create stunning images such as this!


Pixlr comes with basic editing tools such as rotate, cropping and resizing and changing background colours.

Add filters and effects to create more vibrant  photos. Coupled with AI smart technology, adjust colours and brightness levels on a sinusoidal curve.

Pixlr’s retouch function allows you to remove unwanted spots and blemishes on your photo.

Draw on your images, using pen and brush tools. Add shapes as elements on your image.

Text function allows you to add text to your photo and create an informative advertisement or infographic.

Pixlr comes with a handful of templates. You can insert backgrounds, borders, overlays and icons.

The background function allows you to remove backgrounds from photos. Create a nice portrait of yourself or logo.

Pixlr also comes in Android and iOS apps. Edit your photos on mobile.

Pixlr E

Need to do advanced editing, try Pixlr E the premium paid version.

Access advanced tools such as marquee and lasso select.

Add layers to your graphics.

Heal function allows you to touch up on the defects.

Clone and duplicate parts of your photo.

Access tools such as smudge, blur and sharpen to add detail to your photos.

Pick colours from the photo and use them throughout your image.


Basic Pixlr and Pixlr E functions come free. Premium plans give you full access to editing and AI tools and tons of stock elements. $4.90/month.

Professional version $14.99/month.

Students and Educators can apply to get Pixlr for free.


Easy to use dashboard. Single click functions.


Access to tutorials and comes with email support.

Earn money on Pixlr Creator by submitting your designs and graphics to its stock collection. Get a commission when users download your graphics. Join more than 500 million people on Pixlr photo editor online.

We earn an affiliate commission from the links in this post. 

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