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ProWritingAid is the most comprehensive writing editing app on the web. If you are a writer, copyeditor, content writer, ProWritingAid is the tool that you need for proofreading, grammar checking, syntax checking, writing style analysis and many more features.


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Writing Reports

The app will churn out as many as 20 reports on your writing piece. Receive instant, concise and visual feedback on your writing.

  • Writing Style analysis – get feedback on your writing style and improve the reading ease of your article. Identify errors such as passive voice or repetitive sentence structures.
  • Grammar analysis – powered by artificial intelligence, the grammar check will identify common grammatical mistakes and offer suggestions with a short explanation on the grammatical error.
  • Sentence analysis – the app will scan for long sentence structures and words in sentences that do not have meaning. Receive a visual feedback and improve your grammar and writing style.
  • Readability analysis – readability is assessed using tools such as the Flesch Reading Ease score similarly found on wordpress  platforms. Make sure your writing conveys meaning to your audience.
  • Dialogue analysis – dialogues are often used by writers to convey relations and communications between characters or persons. The tool will analyse your dialogues to see if your dialogues actually convey meaning to your readers.
  • Contextual Thesaurus – ProWritingAid’s powerful algorithm can suggest synonyms that fit the context of your writing.
  • Plagiarism checker – the app will scour the internet and scan tons of articles for any plagiarised content.
  • Collaboration tool – set up certain rules such as capitalizing nouns and save them as visual tags that can be easily accessed by you and your team.

App Integration

ProWritingAid connects seamlessly to other apps such as google docs, Microsoft word and Medium. Collaborate with your friends and colleagues.


Plans start at $79/year. Fairly affordable.


Interactive app with tons of visuals that capture attention and are easy to understand. Access data analytics of your writing through interactive and responsive visualizations.


Lots of tutorials and videos that you can access. Learn as you use the app.


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