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Are you venturing into the ecommerce business? Sellfy can help you launch your store. Sell digital products, physical products and subscriptions.

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Sellfy is an ecommerce website builder that allows you to sell your products online. Create your online store and sell your merchandise. From digital products like ebooks, videos and audio to physical products like t-shirts and gadgets. Offering a service? Get your customers to subscribe to you on Sellfy.

Website appearance

Design your website using Sellfy’s customizer tool. Select from tons of templates or create your own mix of shades and hues. Choose the layout you want for your ecommerce store and start selling!

Sellfy comes with widgets that you can embed on your website. Insert buy now and shop buttons. Embed Youtube videos and you can even use Sellfy  features on Youtube cards.


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Sellfy integrates well with major payment services like Paypal and Stripe. Accept online and credit card payments.

Limit the number of copies of digital files you sell to customers, so that they do not share your products illegally.


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Sellfy has a suite of analytics tools. You can review all your data in a single dashboard. Track your sales and inventory metrics.

Analyse where your customers come from and from which websites they are directed from.

Connect Apps

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Sellfy allows you to connect third party apps such as youtube and soundcloud. Integrate with zapier and manage your finances, sales, customer relationships and human resource.

If you do not own a website, you can connect Sellfy and sell directly on social media sites like Facebook or Patreon.

You can also connect facebook live chat to chat with your customers in real time. Answer their questions on your products, troubleshoot their concerns  and upsell your products.

Sellfy comes as an app version on Android and iOS. You can access your store via your mobile device.


Sellfy is sightly cheaper than other ecommerce website builders out there. Basic plans start from $19/month and premium plans sell at $89/month.


Sellfy has an easy to use and interactive dashboard.


Has lots of information. Access to blogs and tutorials. You can contact Sellfy for help as well.

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