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Slack is a communication app that coordinates all your company’s conversations. ALL.

Increase your team’s productivity with this app.

Organize your teams in channels and chat from there, instant messages that keeps everyone in the loop. No more long email chains.


Do more than just chat. Messages are stored on the cloud and everyone within the channel gets access to all previous messages. Store and send files on the cloud, keep everyone up to date, facilitate a smoother transfer of knowledge and communcation within your company.

Create shared channels and collaborate with external parties.

Need to discuss more on a project? The app allows you to conduct video conferences with your team mates. Share your screen with coworkers and they can even annotate your files.

Search for files

Need to search for a file? Just enter the name of your file on Slack’s search function and it will point out to you the location of the file in which channel and view associated messages.

Syncs with other cloud software like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

Security features

Slack comes with various security features that keep your sensitive data safe. Slack’s security features exceed industry standards

  • Access control
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Custom data retention periods – keeps your data as long as you want


Collate data on your users, messages and shared files. Understand team dynamics and how your company communicates within and without.

Chat bot

If you need help with the slack interface, simply enter your question in the chat and the chat bot would find the relevant information for you.

Other Apps

Connects with tons of other apps that you are using. Eg. Onedrive, Google calendar, Zoom.


Available for free sign up. Personal paid plans grants you more features. Enterprise plans are available for corporations.

Get Slack and start winning your conversations!