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Temok VPS(virtual private server) is a hosting plan that allows you to access dedicated server functions at a much cheaper price within a virtual realm. A virtual server is created which separates your website from other users and you are free to choose the operating systems and software.

VPS hosting is tailored to meet the needs of mid size websites that can no longer host on shared servers and is a much cheaper alternative to renting a dedicated server.

temok virtual private server

Temok VPS provides cloud vps services. Take advantage of the privacy of a VPS and efficiency of cloud servers.

Temok virtual private server interface linux price ux content

Web Hosting

Unlimited sub domains, emails and FTP accounts

Integrates well with site building website Weebly

Free website and domain transfer and free SQL transfer.

Unlimited MySQL databases. Compatible with a number of programming languagesĀ  such as ruby on rails and python.

Provides an array of website statistics.

Supports various website elements such as blogs, shopping carts and emails.

Host applications such as wordpress, joomla and drupal, magento and wiki hosting.

Environmentally Friendly

Temok strives to reduce its energy consumption and invests in wind technologies to power its servers.


Plans begin from $8.53~$22.86/month. Very affordable.


Uses cpanel control, interactive and responsive interface.


Lots of free and accessible content. Access to Temok virtual private server tutorials. Dedicated customer support function.

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