Temok VPN

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A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to browse the web anonymously on an open public network like public wifis.

If you are an avid blogger or digital nomad you might want to invest in a VPN, so you can cafe hop and still enjoy the  safety of a secured network.

Working remotely? A VPN gives you the flexibility to work from home and still connect to your office computers securely.

A tool like Temok VPN will provide you with a private and secure connection.

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Employs Point to point tunneling and L2TP security protocols. Stay secure and private all the time.

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Hide your isp address and link up to 80 000+ alternate isp addresses and 500+ servers. ISPs can no longer spy on your data and sell them to advertisers. All your data is encrypted point to point. Temok gives you a private and secure web browsing experience.

Multiple devices

Temok VPN allows you to install the vpn across up to 5 of your devices. Stay safe everywhere and anywhere.


Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited speed allows you to overcome data bandwidth restrictions. Get your data in less than a blink of an eye.


Begins at $11.99/month or $100.72/year.

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